Thursday, November 11, 2010

Song Hye Kyo in Glasses

Song Hye-kyo (Korean: 송혜교, born February 26, 1982) is a South Korean model and actress. She has starred in a number of hit dramas including Autumn in My Heart, All In, and Full House. Due to her popularity she can be seen frequently on advertisements when she is not acting. She is currently signed to talent agency Eden 9.

Here she is seen in black rimmed glasses and sitting on a leather sofa.

Honami in OL wear

Sayaka Tashiro

Chinatsu Wakatsuki Magazine Cover Shoot

Chinatsu Wakatsuki is a popular Japanese gravure idol, actress, former race queen, and former singer. Here she looks great seen in a magazine cover shoot.


Ami Tokito lost in Hong Kong

Here's a photoshoot by Ami Tokito, who is now a tourist lost in Hong Kong as she reads her map to try to find her way around town. Do note that the frame of her glasses is really special. (Enlarge second picture)

Mizuho Hata

Japanese actress Mizuho Hata reading newspaper in her metal black-rimmed glasses. She has acted in various movies such as Fujoshi Kanojo, The Scary Folklore, and television series such as Ketai Sosakan 7, Boys Este.

Han Chae I

Random Girl with Canon EOS manual

Random girl here posing with a Canon EOS EF Lens Work manual

Saki Yamaguchi closeup

Saki Yamaguchi with an awesome pair of glasses

3D Glasses

I know these glasses are kinda different from your everyday glasses. But they look absolutely so gorgeous that I have to post them here!

Yume Kimino Schoolgirl with Glasses

Here's Yume in her schoolgirl uniform with Red-rimmed glasses in class

Matsuki Rina Reading Book in Glasses on Bed

Japanese actress Matsuki Rina looks really polite and elegant as she reads her book

Mana Mizuno with glasses in OL wear

Here's a great collection by Mana Mizuno. She is wearing orange plastic rimmed glasses in office lady (OL) wear (stockings and high heels) and reading a magazine

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Danielle FTV

Danielle from FTV with her black rimmed glasses and lace dress.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Shades from Matrix Trilogy

I've always been impressed with the sunglasses used by the cast in the film Matrix.

Neo from the Original Matrix

Neo from Matrix Reloaded

Neo from Matrix Revolutions



Agent Smith


So which pair of sunglasses from the Matrix Trilogy do you like the most?

Alain Mikli Shutter Shades

Parisian designer eyewear brand Alain Mikli continue producing some of the more innovative eyewear pieces on the market. Most recently known for their creation of Shutter Shades, made popular by Kanye West, Alain Mikli stick to their formula, working up a special pair of Shutter Shades encrusted with Swarovski Crystals. Bling bling , anyone?

Hanjo Manami

Honjo Manami (本上まなみ) is an Japanese actress from Ibaraki who was acted in many dramas such as Be-Bop High School, Another Heaven and Galileo. Her glasses complements with her black dress nicely in this photo.

Yua Aida

Yua Aida with red rimmed glasses in OL wear


Some of the defining qualities of Lindberg glasses:

1. Lightweight - some of the Lindberg range weigh as little as 1.5 grammes - that's about as close to weightless as you can get while still maintaining structural integrity.

2. Flexible - the core range is manufactured from the ultra-strong but very light alloy of Titanium. This means that the arms of the glasses are incredibly thin - perhaps as little as one millimetre. As a result of this the glasses have a comfortable amount of flex in them that's just not possible with thicker, heavier materials.

3. Comfortable - with the factory having a range of components that provides up to three billion different combinations of glasses, it's easy to see why the glasses can be made to fit your face like a second skin.

4. Practically invisible - the introduction of rimless glasses came with the Air Titanium. Now rimless glasses can be seen in every high street optician, although only those who offer Lindberg can claim to be the authentic and the original rimless glasses from Denmark.

Many celebrities have often seen with Lindberg glasses such as the Pope Benedict XVI, Rupert Murdoch, Robert De Niro, Elton John, Bill Gates and Rowan Atkinson.

Bamboo Glasses by Yii Design

'Ming' are bamboo glasses by chinese designer Chen Chun-Hao & bamboo artist Huang To-En for Yii Design. The glasses are made entirely from bamboo with a patented hinge design. Being made from bamboo, i think that these glasses are most certainly extremely lightweight. Add with bamboo being a renewable resource, this will go down well with the environmentally concious crowd. Certainly looks cool, but not necessarily practical. I wonder who would be bold enough to wear these kinda glasses in their daily lives?

Oakley Caliper

Oakley Caliper, from its latest 2010 Fall collection.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yuko Ogura

Yuko Ogura (小倉 優子) closeup with a nice pair of silver rimmed glasses. She is a Japanese gravure idol and model who typically aims for the cute, innocent schoolgirl look. This is a great example of some of the type of glasses which would suit Asian females more.

Top Designer Eyewear Brands

For those who are unfamiliar with the eyewear scene, I have listed some of the top designer eyewear brands. I will post more on other options as this blog unfolds.

1. Alain Mikli

This brand needs no further introduction, which specialises in high-end handmade eyeglasses. Mikli's line features unique colors and shapes, and are a favorite among European celebrities and avant-garde Americans.

2. Oakley
Oakley is perhaps among the largest of the designer eyewear makers, and they produce a wide variety of eyewear including prescription eyewear, sunglasses, goggles, and even military eyewear. Oakley sunglasses routinely appear in popular movies (particularly action films), including the X-Men series, Mission: Impossible 2, Blade II, Black Hawk Down, Spider-Man, Wanted (2009 film), G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, The Book of Eli and others.

3. ic! berlin
This is a German designer eyewear company. The company claims that they do not screw, solder or weld their frames as is is manufactured out of one single sheet of steel.

4. prodesign
ProDesign is an eyewear company from Denmark. Their design philisophy is Clean Danish design but they always try to add a twist of surprising elements into their products.