Friday, August 13, 2010


Some of the defining qualities of Lindberg glasses:

1. Lightweight - some of the Lindberg range weigh as little as 1.5 grammes - that's about as close to weightless as you can get while still maintaining structural integrity.

2. Flexible - the core range is manufactured from the ultra-strong but very light alloy of Titanium. This means that the arms of the glasses are incredibly thin - perhaps as little as one millimetre. As a result of this the glasses have a comfortable amount of flex in them that's just not possible with thicker, heavier materials.

3. Comfortable - with the factory having a range of components that provides up to three billion different combinations of glasses, it's easy to see why the glasses can be made to fit your face like a second skin.

4. Practically invisible - the introduction of rimless glasses came with the Air Titanium. Now rimless glasses can be seen in every high street optician, although only those who offer Lindberg can claim to be the authentic and the original rimless glasses from Denmark.

Many celebrities have often seen with Lindberg glasses such as the Pope Benedict XVI, Rupert Murdoch, Robert De Niro, Elton John, Bill Gates and Rowan Atkinson.